DAISY is a standard, driven by the National Information Standards Organization for Digital Talking Books (DTBs) for blind, visually impaired, physically handicapped, learning-disabled, or otherwise print-disabled readers.

So far this community has been deprived of content, but with the advancement of technology and reduction of the cost of memory, we have developed a Solid State Daisy Reader. It has the functionality of “Read DTBs" in audio format, which would later be enhanced to support the conversion of “Text to Speech" for reading any text!

The device has been made user friendly and “Disabled friendly" both from the Man machine Interface perspective and from the Industrial design perspective. Besides fulfilling the requirements of the DTB, the players can also be used for Entertainment purposes and hence support High Quality (Music Quality) Audio.

The primary objective of this development is to make the players so affordable that all such people with disability can use them.

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